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Search Engine Optimization --- An Overview
Search engine optimization is one of most popular online marketing tool for any website. With most websites looking forward to increasing the online sales of their products/services, search engine optimization can be a very cost-effective tool...
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Yes! Getting Targetted Hits To Your Website Is Still FREE!

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Start getting some quality free traffic to your website and you don't even need to advertise for others!

There used to be a time when no one cared where the visitors were coming from or what made them come to your website, as long they were there. So if you had something to sell and were getting tons of people on your site but no sales, that made you wonder...why?

Before I gave TrafficSwarm a shot I was skeptical about it too, as I had tried something like this before and it did not result in any traffic... let aside QUALITY and TARGETED. But then I had nothing to loose, so I said...heck why not!

Let me start by saying that this is not a banner exchange program, so you don't have place any banners on your website to get traffic...so how on earth will u get free traffic? Let me show you.

After you have registered with TrafficSwarm, which would take less then 5 min, you get to their members page, this is where all the action is happening. You are asked to set your browser page to TrafficSwarm random link page. After you do this, for every link that you click through the homepage you can get anywhere between 1-1000 credits YES!! Although most of the link I clicked gave me 3-5 Credits which is not bad considering that my site is displayed to targeted visitors for only 2 credits each. If you want more credits you can place their search box or link box to your website where you will make more credits when your visitors click. On activation of your account, which happens after you make the first 50 credits, TrafficSwarm add another 100 for free.

Now if all this does not interest you, then I am sure this will. TrafficSwarm also runs a daily Lottery where you can trade in some of your credits to enter in the daily luck draw of 1000's of credits. yay!!

You can go a step further and this is what I did. After I registered and set my browser page to TrafficSwarm I searched for similar products and contacted those webmasters and asked for a link exchange. Believe it or not...almost everyone responded to my request, so now my programs works twice as good...I have text link on other similar content websites which makes me rank higher on Google and I got quite a few credits searching for all those similar websites.

Last but not the least. TrafficSwarm has a excellent referral system which will help you get more traffic, so click here and register through this link so I too can get some referrals.. Thanks. hope you enjoyed reading this article.


Prashant Parikh has been a webmaster for 6 years and specializes in low / no cost website promotions. Webmaster of www.ishopindia.com



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